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Buster Wilson: Target data breach is God's wrath for Joe Boxer ad

Buster Wilson
Buster Wilson
American Family Association

Bryan Fischer's anal retentiveness, emotional excitability and phenomenal inability to do simple fact-checking may have been acquired from his predecessor.

Former American Family Radio talk show host Buster Wilson also demonstrated all of Fischer's trademark behaviors all in a single post on his Twitter account.

According to Wilson, the recent data breach at Target was God's wrath over the Christmas ad for Joe Boxer.

"Target mocks Christmas with unseemly Joe Boxer ad," he Tweeted, "now suffering BIG TIME thru data theft! Don't mock Jesus. Just a suggestion."

There is just one very obvious problem: The Joe Boxer ad was from Kmart, not Target. There is literally no relation between one and the other whatsoever.

Needless to say, the Twitter sphere has already made Wilson well aware of this. He has already responded to such:

"Whatever! My point, blurred by MY mistake, was not to mock Christmas and thus the God of Christmas."

This is a level of immaturity and disregard for the truth that even Wilson's former colleagues at American Family Radio have yet to sink to. He has literally spelled out in plain English that he does not care about the truth.

And that, Buster Wilson, is precisely the problem. You tried to condemn a cheeky Christmas ad by blaming it for the misfortune of others who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

And when your mistake was pointed out to you, the best you can offer is "Whatever!"

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