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Busted: Obama's 71 lies and executive orders on behalf of illegal aliens

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Last month, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) took President Obama to task over the White House's most recent order for a review of current immigration enforcement policies, in order to actually further weaken enforcement efforts.

Between this administration's 'Executive Order DREAM Act,' releasing criminal aliens back into our communities and signing-up illegal aliens for Obamacare, the illegal alien has never found a better friend in this country than he has in Obama.

In response to Obama's lawlessness on behalf of those here illegally, Sen. Sessions has released a list of 71 executive actions and outright lies this administration has put forth, not for the protection of the American people, but solely for illegal aliens.

A few examples taken directly from that list follow:

-January 2009: Obama Administration Ends Worksite Enforcement Actions

In early 2009, U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executed a raid (initiated and planned under the Bush administration) on an engine machine shop in Bellingham, Washington, detaining 28 illegal immigrants who were using fake Social Security numbers and identity documents. Shortly thereafter, pro-­amnesty groups criticized the Administration for enforcing the law. An unnamed DHS official was quoted in the Washington Times as saying, “the Secretary is not happy about it and this is not her policy.

Instead of enforcing the law, the Secretary investigated the ICE agents for simply doing their duty. Esther Olavarria, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, said on a call with employers and pro­‐amnesty groups that "we’re not doing raids or audits under this administration"

-December 2010 Internal ICE Emails Reveal Padded Deportation Statistics

On October 8, 2010, Secretary Napolitano and ICE Director Morton announced that in 2010 ICE had "removed more illegal aliens than in any other period in the history of our nation." On December 6, 2010, however, the Washington Post reported that internal ICE emails revealed ICE had padded its deportation statistics by including 19,422 removals that were from the previous fiscal year.

The article also described how ICE extended a Mexican repatriation program beyond its normal operation dates, adding 6,500 to the final removal numbers.

-August 1, 2011: Obama Administration Sues Alabama over Immigration Enforcement Law

The Obama Administration filed a lawsuit to block implementation of Alabama’s immigration enforcement law, which authorizes state law enforcement to act when they reasonably suspect individuals are violating federal immigration laws.

-September 28, 2011: Obama Admits Deportation Statistics Are "Deceptive"

At a roundtable with amnesty advocates, President Obama admitted that his deportation
statistics were misleading: "The statistics are actually a little deceptive because what we’ve been doing is...apprehending folks at the borders and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours."

-February 7, 2012: New ICE Public Advocate for Illegal Immigrants

ICE announced the creation of the ICE Public Advocate, who is to serve as a point of contact for aliens in removal proceedings, community and advocacy groups, and others who have concerns, questions, recommendations, or other issues they would like to raise about the Administration’s executive enforcement and amnesty efforts.

-December 21, 2012: Morton Administrative Amnesty Memo #4

The Friday before the Christmas holiday, ICE Director Morton issued a fourth memo with
guidance on implementing administrative amnesty and stating that ICE agents could no longer detain illegal immigrants if the only violation of the law was being in the country illegally. ICE agents could now detain only those who have committed a crime independent of their illegal status.

-February 2013: Obama Administration Uses Sequester as Excuse To Release More Than 2,000 Illegal Immigrants from ICE Custody

After reports surfaced that ICE had been releasing illegal immigrants in ICE custody due to the sequester, ICE Director Morton testified before the House Judiciary Committee that ICE had, n fact, released 2,228 illegal immigrant detainees, at least 629 of whom had criminal records, contradicting earlier statements by DHS officials.

Morton also admitted that ICE had rearrested and brought back four of the most dangerous released detainees.According to the Associated Press, more 2,000 had been released before the sequester even took effect and the Administration planned to release 3,000 more.

View the entire list of lies and executive orders...

If only President Obama worked on behalf of the American people as hard as he does for those who have no respect for this country, nor our laws...

Of course, that last line pretty much describes our current president as well.

Unlike illegal aliens, every U.S. citizen is suffering from taxation without representation.