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Bust through plateaus with the FITT principle

Drastic Measures are not necessary. Just a small change can help you get FITT
Drastic Measures are not necessary. Just a small change can help you get FITT

You have been doing the same routine for awhile now, and it was working... but now, suddenly, nothing seems to be changing. You've hit a wall, and maybe even reaching that dreaded "plateau". Busting through a plateau is easy if you just manipulate one of the four FITT Principles. The FITT Principle is composed of four variables; Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type. You can adjust just one, or all, but a little change in the routine can get you going back on the right track.

Frequency- How OFTEN do you work out? Maybe if you've been only going 3 days a week, its time to add a 4th day

Intensity- How HARD do you work out? If you know you aren't pushing yourself, maybe its time to step it up! Try working out with a partner or a trainer who will be sure to push you.

Time- How LONG do you work out? If you are doing 30 mins. of cardio everyday and trying to lose weigh but stopped, you may need to add another ten mins to your routine.

Type- What KIND of exercise do you do? Are you only doing cardio? Do you just take Zumba and nothing else? Maybe its time to lift some weights, take a different class or machine, try crossfit or pilates.

Remember, the body gets used to doing the same things over and over. You may have heard of "Muscle Confusion" on P90X infomercials. This is the theory that the body will never plateau if you are constantly changing up your routine. You can create your own muscle confusion by always remembering the variables of the FITT Principle.