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Bust Out Burlesque Seduces House of Blues in New Orleans

Crave bodies that are romanesque? Beauties that are statuesque? Then watch Bust Out Burlesque.

Skating is sexy.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Bust Out Burlesque seduced the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA, during Mardi Gras.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views

The show at House of Blues hosted girls pretty enough to be a muse with a side of flowing booze.

It's not just about the girls, as you can watch a rope that twirls when a rope expert whirls

his lasso in hypnotic ways with feats that amaze. This rope master certainly deserves praise.

Yet, the fan favorite is a guy that can wear stalkings thigh high and make you laugh til you cry.

The gregarious host is well worth a boast with magic that makes things disappear like a ghost.

His hands are fairly quick, his comedy is a little slap stick, and he even paraded around like a chick.

He announces girls with beauty, who know how to shake their booty and tease as part of their duty.

My favorite was a girl on ice, who could prance around quite nice and seduce with her cold vice.

Why not tempt the fates and put a lovely stripper on ice skates? Her seductive skill awaits.

Ice skaters usually wear outfits that are barely there, so why not let people stop and stare?

It's a sport that has always been sexy, show so off the flexy by pulling a leg up to your head and see.

Who wouldn't cheer? There's flexible girls and beer! This show gets kicked into high gear.

There's music, that's the thing, and the sexy girls can really sing. Play music that has a little swing.

Now that there's sexy music on, slowly pull off that clinging nylon with the innocence of a fawn.

No, you don't need that shirt. Go ahead, take off that skirt. Some guys look ready to squirt.

The thing that got me though, there's more girls than guys at the show, gaggles of chicks with no beau.

You'd think it'd be the other way, but what can I say? It did not make for chaos or disarray.

It's sexy without the strip club. It's a classier atmosphere than a pub. Have them sign your ticket stub.

The stars are approachable, and afterwords certainly reachable, but don't think they're touchable.

This has a classy flavor, so do yourself a favor and take in a sexy show that you will savor.

The comedy can't be beat, as you'll be laughing in your seat, and the girls are exquisitely elite.

They're not your average stripper, as they're slower with a zipper, but they do more tricks than Flipper.

Of course, they have sex appeal, and can taunt enough to make you squeal, but this isn't a raunchy deal.

It's classic musical taunt, with sexy stripper flaunt, that will leave you in lusty awe and want.

To cool you down, there's a guy that's funnier than a clown; Bust Out Burlesque really takes the crown.

It's not just about the women, as they're backed by talented men; you'll want to see the show again.

It's more of an old time variety show, and if you don't go, I guess you'll never really know.

There's rope tricks and the appeal of sex, magic without the hex, and girls that can really flex.

Believe me, you'll want to see what leaves people in glee and makes them shout like a banshee.

To check out what Bust Out Burlesque is all about, go to their website and give a shout, Marisa Williams is the author of more than 100 books; she earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, visit and

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