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Busingen Switzerland makes time stand still

Busingen, Germany
Busingen, Germany
Gandalf the White

They seem to do things differently here, in Germany. The pace is slow and methodical. This is Busingen, Germany. Along with a smattering of houses, you will see 2 stop signs, a hotel that backs up to the Rhine River, a Chinese restaurant-who is very proud of their sake, and a mom and pap coffee shop.

If you take the time to walk the town you will witness row upon row of houses that have see the rise and fall of the Third Reich, felt the earth shaking power of bombs dropped upon the local train depot. On a hill adjacent to the Rhine, you will see a church standing majestically. This church is known as St. Michael’s church, or better known to the locals as the Bergkirche. St. Michael's has witnessed the ancient marching armies of the second crusade, still stands to tell the story of progress and sometimes regress of mankind from the experience of more than one thousand years of life.

Busingen is where the shops close in the afternoon in order that the owners might steal a nap, and where the residents can be found relaxing and sunning themselves on the edge of the river. Busingen is a place where one can forget that there was ever a need to hurry. They can believe it is quite acceptable to be methodical and simple, allowing for change to happen in its own time. This is a land where the churches and houses have seen hundreds of generations born and more generations die. This is a sort of knowledge that will teach even this busiest of bodies that no matter how hard they try, nothing will happen quickly. And this is true no matter how much sleep one loses. So relax, drink a latte at the local café, or pour a shot of sake because life is still in front of us and you have permission to enjoy the journey.

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Photo Credit: Gandalf the White