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Businesses combine employee appreciation, team building, and the Las Vegas 51s

Las Vegas 51s Group Sales Team, Green Valley Little League Managers ,Team Members, Winder Farms CFO Scott Tanner.,  and Winder employee families enjoy the game
Las Vegas 51s Group Sales Team, Green Valley Little League Managers ,Team Members, Winder Farms CFO Scott Tanner., and Winder employee families enjoy the game
Lori WIlk

Las Vegas venues host thousands of conventions and business meetings each year. Along with their business agendas, participants have activities and time for entertainment. A current trend for these businesses is to have activities for employee appreciation and team building. According to the group sales team for the Las Vegas 51s, more companies and groups are taking employees and members, their families, and clients to the Las Vegas 51 games played at Cashman Field.

Melissa Harkavy, Director of Group Sales for the Las Vegas 51s said, " We appreciate the support we get from the Las Vegas business community and from companies visiting Las Vegas for conventions and meetings. We hope our brand of affordable family entertainment meets the needs of businesses to enhance their efforts with employee appreciation, team building, and client entertainment."

The Las Vegas 51s Group Sales Team including Amber Burgess, Melisssa Harkavy, and Bryan Frey were on hand at Cashman Field to welcome companies and groups who had purchased blocks of tickets including Bank of America, Winder Farms, St. Rose Hospital, Kansas University and Kansas State University, Green Valley Little League, and the Jewish Men's Club.

Dan Kazmerski, Director of Green Valley Little League, brought a large group to a Saturday night Las Vegas 51s game for team building , team appreciation, and to inspire and motivate young players about professional baseball. Dan also showed appreciation for Green Valley Little League Team Managers including Art Ritchie and Jay Nickels and their family members with a pre-game barbeque.

The Las Vegas 51s, professional baseball team, are Triple -A -Affiliates of the Toronto Blue Jays.The Vegas 51s marketing team has shown that constant promotion and marketing contributes to increased attendance. According to the group sales staff members, many of the companies return year-after-year with the team members and clients to continue showing their appreciation and to support the Las Vegas 51s.

There are always new promotions and promotional events being created for companies and organizations to participate in. At the Monday night home games this season, the Las Vegas 51s have "Value Mondays." The Value Monday promotions include $1 menu items such as hot dogs, popcorn, and soda ,and peanuts. Thursday nights are designated $1 Beer nights.

The Las Vegas 51s promotions include many giveaway events. The most recent Saturday-night game promotion was the distribution of Las Vegas 51 beer steins to the first 2,500 attendees through the gates. Earlier this season the Las Vegas 51s welcomed fans and their dogs for a Sunday afternoon game promotion called" Bark in the Park."

Businesses can cater food for their attendees or arrange to participate in special on-field activities or challenges based on their budgets. Huge themed events with Firework Displays, special promotional giveaways from bobble heads to backpacks or electronics, and fundraising events have increased the attendance for the Las Vegas 51s and provided opportunities for businesses , organizations and the community to participate by attending the Las Vegas 51 games. For tickets go to


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