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Businesses break through the social media marketing noise

Breaking through the social media marketing noise by listenting
Breaking through the social media marketing noise by listenting
Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for AFM

As more businesses take on social media marketing a lot more information reaches consumers, making it quite noisy. This means brands need to break through the noise and stand out if they wish to be seen and make an impact.

How can business owners and marketers approach the noise problem while maintaining an effective online marketing approach? The basis of the answer to this question is value.

As long as businesses offer value through their marketing approach they can’t go wrong. Potential clients love brands that show they care. The surefire way a business shows “I care” is by offering value. In fact, as more and more companies have taken on social media for branding, community growth and increased visibility; the online marketing industry is talking more and more about content marketing as one way to cut through the noise.

It always goes back to the people love to buy from people saying. There’s no reason why a business owner would not know this. There’s also no reason for a decision maker not to keep this notion in the forefront of any business growth strategy they’re developing.

However, it is easy to lose sight of the important things; in fact there are a certain number of brands who show their blindness by approaching breaking through the online marketing noise by making more noise instead of listening (caring).

One way business owners and marketers can keep focus on adding value and truly cut through all the social media and online marketing chatter is to ask themselves some questions during their strategy development and tweaking phases.

  • Am I offering enough content that provides value or am I only producing sales pitches?
  • Am I pushing my service/product or am I building relationships through my online marketing approach and social media presence?
  • Am I keeping my community’s problems in the forefront of my offer(s) and shares or are they built and focused around the service/product?
  • Am I talking about me (the brand) or am I talking about and to my audience, and focusing on their needs?
  • Do I genuinely care about what my consumer wants as I develop and present what my business has to offer through my social media presence?

There are many questions business owners and marketers can ask themselves to ensure they stay on track when it comes to offering value. The above five are not all of them, but they are built around the most important focus of any brand’s social media and online marketing effort. They suffice to ensure one stays on track with keeping value in the forefront and standing out to consumers thanks to the “I care” (listening) social media presence of the business, and not the “Me, me, me” noise that renders the business invisible and blended to the rest.

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