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Business: We direct and we become, global infrastructure

Businesses and industry create infrastructures which are neither stated as good or bad, only they build them. Around the globe people have considered the current infrastructures to be falling to meet demands, requiring more than can be expected from them.

The rich and powerful always want to push productions for items they want, the luxuries indulged in for simple vanity. Over time these do produce infrastructures which make such items more affordable for all, but at a cost to others. The question is not about building infrastructure, but how to build it benefit all, not just those who take advantage of others. Economics describes how we can, but business infrastructure which provides in by only one means offers no changes or long-term survival. It is in the mindset which change must be set, not the principles which the organization is defined under but the minds of individuals who operate that system. Only when the bigotry seen by selfness is removed, will the mind open clearly to understand the nature of what it has caused.
Luxuries are not as bad as many are lead to believe, thinking about the years we have lived we have things today which would have been luxuries long ago. Today we have them because we built upon what we saw as necessary and provided for us a better life, once thought of as luxuries they are now more common place. Yet not for all, there are those around the world who do not live as most do, and it is not because they are lazy or foolish. Instead it is because those in authority want to produce only one kind of market in that region, changes to such disturb this infrastructure they want built. A political desire enforced by a selfish will to keep others in exploitation, thus provide for themselves a means to grandeur.
It is by the reduction in inefficiencies which allow cost to come down, but even so there are those seeking more for themselves and less offered in return. A preset income can be obtained, this to carry one through life without the need to exploit others to do so. In fact, by offering extra profits back to the same system one builds it and allows it to spread to the multitudes who desire it as well. This economic standard produces a larger marketing base, as more people desire the same there becomes a larger demand to raise prices. This is what economics was meant to do, to allow all people to gain from the same actions, not to allow a few to take simple by the greed and bigotry in their minds.
It is what another says in their mind which affects their thoughts and brings such concepts into action, therefore it is in the mind one must stand to face such. And the mind makes all politics, allowing such to come from monetary funds which has been produced by the concepts of the little minds does not accept equality around the globe. They have no understanding of how others can be called equal, because they do not see themselves as equals but above the rest. Thus considering themselves to be above the same laws, each in turn deciding to buy off legal protections to excuse their actions, Thus justifications afterwards occur as they gain the funds to buy it, funded by the illegal to began with. But if all they offer is less for others, they are not removing the inefficiencies but instilling them, thus reducing the means to offer others equality by the same social standards they are accepted.
We can take a perfect example, the chocolate industry receives 40% of it cocoa from Côte d’ Ivoire, this shipped to the western world for a luxury product is also tainted with forced child labor. 109,000 children toil to produce this item, even with all the legal restraints there are few to no restraints in a board room when it comes to making the decisions to enforce child slavery. This practice did not occur overnight it happened because those in authority looked the other way and refuse to participate in stopping it. Instead it has become the legal structure to fund the political machinery, like all corrupted ideas, they lead to violence and the need for more laws are seen. The legal industry had advanced into boardrooms by arguing there would be less legal issues to deal with as attorneys are put in charge. But instead they have more litigations and less resolutions to problems then every, they only learned to promote false lies for profit.
The modern legal mindset is not looking for equality, but for the means to increase the public’s need and desire for its services, thus as violence increases so does this industry’s profits. Connecting the legal industry’s profits to corruption is what has built infrastructure, and now it has become the only infrastructure the legal industry wants to build. The more corruption and violence exist the more profits for them, thus they instill more laws upon the public and expand into territories where they once were not present. This is the nature of any who look to build an industry, but one that does not respond to the majority only responding to those who pay the highest. And in this matter they are paid to get away with crimes of slaver and mass murder, while those in opposition are not allowed the means to even speak openly.
Opening the mind of others to their own bigotry and nature has never been an easy task yet as if we remove the selfishness presented it offers true freedom to those held. And it is only when the majority is freed of this same bigotry will the economic means be restored, even advanced forward. As a global economy, we exist and advance as the global population is able to do the same, if part is not able to advance there is no advancements made to the rest. We move together, linked by both business and economics as every aspect of our modern civilization it tied to what happens to others and the infrastructures built.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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