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Business spotlight: financial peace of mind with LBG Financial Services

LBG Financial Services is a local family-owned financial services firm and educational institution. Sister and brother duo Mark Mollon and Marcella Mollon-Williams are its founders and wealth coaches.

Marcella Mollon-Williams and Mark Mollon of LBG Financial Services

Mark and Marcella will be hosting a FREE investor coaching series. The first is an encore presentation called "Defeating Your Money Demons" which will be held on Tuesday, February11, 2014.

The next presentation, "Should I Be In The Market? You Tell Me" will be held on March 11, 2014. The presentations will be held at Signature Blue Events located on 337 Brightseat Road, in Landover Maryland (see coaching class registration link below).

Below, this dynamic duo - Mark and Marcella share their thoughts on natural hair and insight about the business.

Marcella's hair journey ...

I went chemical-free in 1997 when I became pregnant with my first child.

I was tired of relaxing my hair and felt that I could do a lot more with my hair without the chemicals thinning it out. I was right.

Mark, who has since cut his locs speaks on why he first decided to wear them...

The look and the cultural heritage of locs always appealed to me. Growing up in the family business I knew there may be some objection when I decided to grow my locs.

At the end I proved having locs not only look good but the style also has a place in the professional landscape.

Marcella's advice to those who are contemplating wearing their hair in its natural state ...

The one thing I wish I did was start with a natural hair professional. I have one now so I know I would have saved a lot of money spent on unnecessary products if I had someone who understood my hair type and knew what I needed to keep my hair healthy.

YouTube is great, but I advise working with a professional that knows you.

Mark chimes in on wearing natural hair in the business world...

The key word is natural. It is a part of who we are. At the same time, as a professional, it is very important to still maintain a clean, polished appearance.

Marcella on LBG Financial Services and what inspired her to get into the business ...

We are a family owned, independent financial services firm that works with individuals and families to educate them on the facts, investigating their options and creating their Lifetime Financial Strategy allowing them to Build Lifetime Wealth.

We specialize in wealth preservation, asset protection, retirement planning, tax diversification strategies and legacy planning.

My interest in finance began with my own desire to understand the process of preserving my family's legacy (historical, financial, etc.).

As I began to study other cultures, I noticed a common factor that separated the "haves" and the "have nots" - it was financial knowledge or lack of. This became my driving force.

We have been in business together, growing up working in our parent’s sign and design company, so it was a natural fit for us to work together.

We've always had a great relationship and what a blessing it is to work with someone you trust.

Mark on LBG Financial Services and what inspired him to get into the business ...

We provide the financial vehicles that meet the specific needs of the individual and the education to provide understanding and peace of mind.

Investors today are tired of being told what to do. LBG Financial Services looks at every component of ones financial situation (retirement, college planning, life insurance, wills/trust) and design custom Lifetime Financial Plans.

My father has a saying, "if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem".

As a client myself I was not satisfied with the level of service with my own financial choices and the lack of understanding. Marcella felt the same way so it was only natural for us to pool our resources and become part of the solution.

Marcella’s advice for those contemplating starting their own business ...

Start with a plan on paper. You do not have to start with a complicated, professionally done and high price business plan.

I believe many people are intimidated by the thought of that and therefore, avoid the whole process. If you Google "simple business plan" you'll be able to to find something to help you get started in addressing the important elements .

Mark includes ...

Find what you are passionate about. Then find a problem and use your passion to fix it.

Mark on what the future holds for LBG Financial ...

One of our future goals is to spread our financial educational classes coast to coast.We want to stop investors from falling into the many financial land mines that remove their peace of mind.

Through our Educational classes, we are showing you how thinking independently from Wall Street, and the so called Gurus, can bring you closer to understanding how to be a prudent investor and more importantly bring back peace of mind.

"We've prided ourselves in providing our clients and community with financial education that will expand their ability to grow financially and build wealth.

We want to bring that message to the masses by offering additional opportunities to stay connected, learn and grow through technology.

We cannot expect our economy to be in order if our financial houses are not. We are determined to do our part in helping others do so," Marcella stated.

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