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Business Spotlight: Eat & Drink With Me

Eat & Drink With Me is a small business and blog started by Nissa K. Elliot at the later part of 2013. Similar to Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-In and Dives on Food Network, Eat & Drink with Me is the vehicle this entrepreneur uses to give her honest opinions about restaurants and other eateries. The business originally started with local restaurants in Atlanta, but Nissa recently decided to expand her taste buds to the international market.

Logo of Eat & Drink With Me
Nissa K. Elliot

Nissa who now lives in Atlanta, is a singer and model from Houston, Texas states she is inspired by people with positive energy and she loves being around other entrepreneurs known as "movers and shakers". Raised in a small town surrounded by fruit trees, grape vines and berry patches, Nissa states that her grandmother introduced her to a variety of foods and seasonings . Her grandmother was also responsible for making sure that she as well as other family members were taught to cook. When asked about her experience as a foodie, Nissa reminisced on being a small child with a rolling pin baking breads and biscuits. Although Nissa admits to forgetting a lot of her grandmother's recipes, she feels that other cooks and professional chefs in the family has made her appreciate her king sense of taste for food.

Eat & Drink With Me is a way for Nissa to allow her palate to serve as the ultimate judge when she frequents some of Atlanta's hottest restaurants and eateries. This Texas now Atlanta foodie believes that her ultimate goal for her blog is to take her taste buds on tour and to inform her audience of great places to eat and also provide the eateries that should be excluded from the foodie bucklist. Unlike other bloggers that sometimes hide the truth when they receive something in exchange for reviews, Nissa promises to give her honest food review with no filter. Click here to see the last review from Eat & Drink With Me. Also follow Eat & Drink With Me on Twitter.

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