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Business professional: jobs report is not good news for everyone

Around the games
Around the games
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent Economic News Release, the US economy added 288,000 jobs in the month of June. The unemployment rate decreased from 6.3% in May to 6.1% in June. Although the report showed that job growth was spread across a number of different job types; it was primarily fueled by business and professional services and health care. The manufacturing sector added 16,000 jobs in June, but all of the growth was in durable goods.

The number of jobs added represents a 40% increase over June of 2013, when the economy grew by 201,000 jobs. In the first half of 2013, the economy grew by 1,221,000 jobs. Over the same period in 2014; the economy grew by 1,385,000 jobs; a 13% increase over the same period in 2013.

The City of Chicago and State of Illinois also reported good news on the employment front. According to the IDES, every major City (reporting area) in the State reported decreases in unemployment in May 2014; when compared to May of 2013.

One business professional called the report “troubling” for certain careers. “Adding over 250,000 jobs in dysfunctional political times is fantastic news. For months we have been told by economists that it (the job growth) would eventually slow down, but it hasn’t happened. But if you are in manufacturing or construction, are you thrilled by this news? Eventually, those people in those fields may have to consider going back to school or changing careers.”

The job growth data seems to be consistent. There is a lot less turbulence in the monthly numbers. Are you considering changing careers? If so, what careers are you thinking of going into? Does the fact that most of the growth is in health and professional services make you consider moving into one of those fields?