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Business owners sign up for floral design class for more business opportunities

From time to time business professionals sign up for flower arrangement classes offered by California Flower Art Academy. Namely people who are already engaged in business as a professional such as event planner, floral shop owner, wedding coordinator and flower grower etc. approach the school because they are looking for a better way to find more business opportunities.

European floral designs
European floral designs
California Flower Art Academy
table floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

Recently a certain lady who is engaged in flower growing business joined floral design class to take flower arranging lessons at California Flower Art Academy. She engages in running a flower growing business in a rural city located North of Sacramento and she drove to and from the school spending about 3 hours. While grows various flowers, she takes flower arrangement lessons from time to time.

This time she took lessons of European floral designs as well as Japanese Ikebana arrangements. She has a very good sense of floral art and it is obvious that the skills and knowledge of floral arranging help her do floral business.

A few years ago, a business woman who engaged in event planning joined the class of funeral floral decoration course. She had been engaged in event planning business mainly as a wedding planner. Since she believed that the skills and knowledge of funeral floral arrangements would help develop her business, she learned funeral floral decorations at California Flower Art Academy.

Another case is that the floral shop owner joined a floral design class only because she has never taken any official lessons of floral arrangements although she had been engaged in the flower business as an owner of a floral shop. If floral shops owners do not have decent flower arranging skills, it is quite difficult for them to offer Wedding Flower Decorating Services or Funeral Flower Arranging Services that dominate floral design industry.

One of very successful cases is that a floral shop owner learned flower arrangements at California Flower Art Academy. According to her, she was quite busy mainly with offering funeral floral decorations AND while she was learning floral arrangements at the school, her business became even busier and finally she became too busy to attend flower arranging lessons.

One more successful story is a certain lady who did not have any skill and knowledge about flora arranging joined the school where she started from Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course.

She continued learning until she mastered almost all types of floral designs including Wedding Party Arrangements and Wedding Ceremony Arrangements. Soon after she completed learning at California Flower Art Academy she opened a florist in the San Francisco Bay Area and now she is spending a very busy time every single day.

If you love flowers and have interest in learning flower arrangement, for business or for hobby, California Flower Art Academy can help. Our hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions will greatly help you earn practical skills easily and quickly. You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact