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Business owner: This may be why you have trouble keeping Millennials on staff

If you are having trouble hiring Millennials and keeping the best on staff, it may just be a communications problem. Business policies are essentially frozen communication between the management of a company and the staff. If you have not updated your policies in a few years, they might be holding you back from hiring and retaining the best and brightest new college graduates.
In her book, "Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business," An Coppens, Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd. shows simple steps to update your company's message and hiring practices. Millenials want to be part of something they believe in and they want to have their input heard. The top-down communications model at many companies makes a newly hired person feel powerless and voiceless.
Coppens suggests managers study the top 100 companies to work for and copy their methods:

  • Maintain a fun workplace
  • Encourage flexible work schedules
  • Use competative hiring
  • (Re)Make your company into a place where the brightest students compete to get into.

For more guidance and information get your own copy of "Attracting IT Graduates to Your Business,"

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