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Business News: An interview with a female life coach at PassionFruit

The 14th Annual Phenomenal Women's Conference keynote speaker will be Wendy Watkins, owner of PassionFruit, a women's life coaching company.
The 14th Annual Phenomenal Women's Conference keynote speaker will be Wendy Watkins, owner of PassionFruit, a women's life coaching company. with permission

With the recently released report from the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) making news headlines on March 14, it is a good time to talk with women in the state of Georgia who own their own businesses. And one such woman is Wendy Watkins, owner of PassionFruit, a life coaching company.

The Atlanta Top News Examiner spoke with Watkins today in advance of her Phenomenal Women's Conference participation this month at the Seigel Institute. The following dialogue is a result of that conversation.

Top News Examiner: Wendy, what motivated you to work in the field of life coaching?

Wendy Watkins: "I have always been a personal development junkie and in 1998, I was online looking for ways to become a better mentor for the company I was working for, and lo and behold, a Google search (or something like it) popped up life coaching. That was a defining moment in my life. I researched all the schools where I could learn to become a professional coach, there were not that many at that time. [I] found a school and dove into what I knew was my life purpose--helping other people live a life they loved, based on their definition of success and satisfaction."

That search eventually resulted in Wendy starting a company called PassionFruitPeople, which advertises itself as "Creative People Growers" that help keep "People and Business in Full Bloom". Attendees at an upcoming March 21 women's conference in Kennesaw will have the opportunity to hear Wendy describe her Recipes for Your Joyful Success when she delivers the keynote speech during the event luncheon. In the meantime, let's learn more about this local Georgia business woman.

News Examiner: How long has PassionFruit been in business, with you at the helm?

W. Watkins: "I left my corporate job in 2003, searched for my niche and brand in coaching. PassionFruit was born in 2006."

Examiner: What makes your life coaching business different from competitors?

Watkins: "My main focus is on helping people to amplify optimism to boost their success. I focus on a combination of mindset and a strategic plan based on inspired actions. I offer a delicious combination of woo woo and practical information."

Wendy's amplification of optimism fits right in with the recent women's business owner study conducted by NAWBO, which stated that female business owners polled recently say they have a higher optimism about their potential for business success in 2014 than ever in the past. Yet with their concerns about the economy, business taxes and health care, one has to wonder if they aren't practicing a form of positive thinking of their own.

Examiner: What do you most hope to bring to the table (or say to impact your audience), Wendy, during the KSU Phenomenal Women's Conference event this month?

Watkins: "That they can create a delicious life by making just a few changes, enhancements, in what they are currently doing. I will also be sharing the positive benefits that increased joy and optimism bring to all areas of your life."

The Mayo Clinic says that learning positive thinking skills can increase your life span, lower your rate of depression, and even provide a greater resistance against getting a common cold. In fact, it can give you better psychological and physical health overall, even reducing your risk of cardiovascular death.

The medical facility also says that positive thinking doesn't mean putting your head in the sand and ignoring problems; It just means you approach the difficulties in life in a more positive and productive way. And Wendy Watkins wants you to let her PassionFruit company teach you how to do that.

Top News Examiner: What can a woman expect in regards to cost, time commitments, etc., if she hires your company to help her find her passions and achieve her goals, Wendy?

Wendy Watkins: "My two most popular programs are the Flourish in Life or Flourish in Business program. They are both six month programs, where we meet two times a month for a 45-minute conversation. The actual "work" happens in between our calls."

Wendy also says that she is "available to my clients for quickie phone calls and emails during the week." And that her approach is to "use a couple of simple, yet powerful assessments to help clients achieve their goals. The investment for these programs are $2,999. I also offer a stand-alone Passion Test program for $400."

Business women and others have a unique chance to hear Wendy Watkins share valuable advice when she serves as the KSU Siegel Institute's keynote speaker at the Phenomenal Women's Conference this month, and at a reduced rate than they would pay for her stand-alone Passion Test program. And even better, the $99 registration cost to attend the PWC on March 21 includes a sumptous buffet meal, a live performance of a portion of the play "Ruined" by the KSU Theatre group, and your choice of participating in several personal and professional workshops being offered.

For more information about the KSU PWC Agenda, or to register online for the KSU Siegel Institute's Professional Women's Conference, click here. But remember, registration ends on March 14, so you better hurry!

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