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Business Contributions to Environmental Health

We all know the impact of environmental degradation by now; millions of tons of pollution and other items fill our air, rivers, and land. It makes it difficult for humans to continue living in the same manner that we have been for the past few thousand years. Modern abundance and technology may be great in some instances, such as the new gadgets and quantities of food, but it is a lot worse in others.

For a lot of businesses that do not care about environmental health, it is not a problem to produce goods that create a toxic environment for everyone else to live in. When it comes to recycling, there are many companies that play their part in order to benefit everyone who lives on Earth. Companies, such as those that provide recycled letterheads, offer consumers a peace of mind that they are not harming the planet with every decision that they make.

What exactly can bad business decisions do for your health?

Decrease oxygen content - Despite how well you might be breathing, there is a difference between the forest or a natural area and a major urban environment. Don't believe it? Go to a major urban Chinese city and you will have a hard time acclimating to the pollution in the air. The more we pollute, the worse we make it.

Lung cancer risks - Believe it or not, with worse environmental conditions, you have an increased chance of contracting lung cancer. The studies show that people in urban Asian environments are contracting all type of diseases at an alarming rate.

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