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Business consultation tips to bolster confidence and increase sales

Business consultations are invaluable resources in moving a ministry or business forward in a profitable direction. During a complimentary business consult with lead trainer Eric Izzard, I received some confidence bolstering, sales increasing tips for Inspired 4 U Ministries that resonated in my spirit.

Increase Sales
Svilen Milev (istock photo)

The following business nuggets and sales training-mentoring program were discussed in that consultation. Consider adopting some of these business ideas to bolster your confidence and increase your sales:

Set a price goal for your business and determine how much you want to make monthly or annually.


  • My goal is to sell my products or services for $______.
  • My goal is to make $_______ per month/year.
  • Successful people live outside of their comfort zone.
  • I get paid for what I’m worth.


  • You don’t get paid for the time that you bring; you get paid for the value.
  • Not getting paid for what you’re worth will cost you time or money.
  • The people who don’t believe in your services are not your customers and neither are the people who come to you for services that you don’t provide. Therefore, stay true to the services and products you are skilled in and passionate about offering, and don't just wing it to meet a need and get a customer or client.

Believe in your value and become the “Apple” of your industry. Recognize that Marketing creates interest, but Sales close deals. Sales = Profits. You must develop sales skills and know how your product or service makes the customer’s life easy.


  1. Having Sales Skills will help you maintain extreme confidence when asking for the sale. People will cut you a check when you convey confidence. “Sales” is a learned skill.
  2. You will never again feel rejected whenever someone says “No” or does not sign up for your services.
  3. Develops the ability to write your own paycheck and create the income you deserve. Work with serious people and walk them through a process that makes sense to them.

Sales lead to a conclusion, which leads to a natural process; and Sales are an essential part of every successful business.

After the consultation, I was introduced to the Silver Partner Program – A Step-By-Step Sales Training and Mentoring Program – which is said to be a proven system that anyone can use to make success in sales easier. The Silver Partner Program is developed by professional sales expert Che Brown, President of Partners in Learning, and will teach you:

  • How to generate unlimited, quality leads.
  • How to set unlimited appointments.
  • How to instantly build trust and rapport with your prospects and customers.
  • How to effortlessly close every sale, every time.
  • How to handle every objection.
  • How to become a follow-up master.
  • How to generate an endless supply of referrals.
  • How to write powerful, results-producing sales scripts.
  • And much more!

For more information on how to convey value, bolster confidence and increase sales, contact Partners in Learning Lead Trainer Eric Izzard at (202) 374-5969 or

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