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Business coaches, the how & why?

The most common questions I get from other entrepreneurs I talk with and clients revolves around working with a Business Coach. They want to know why they should have a coach and how do they work with them?

With thousands of self-proclaimed business coaches out there how do you find one that will offer you a return on investment? How do you know if they are over-priced? Will they deliver what you need to move to the next level?

These are solid questions EVERYONE should ask about a coach they are considering. You should interview the coach and be sure they are a fit for you, most business coaches are great sales people and can sell you into their program it is up to you to determine if they are the right one.

If you are buying into a high end coaching program you need to be sure that the coach will invest in you. I have seen several coaches today charging $20k to $100k a year for a program with them. Some are selling the program based on raves from past clients and yet today their programs are not as strong, be careful with that. If you are buying into a high end program it is important to understand the logistics and deliverables the coach is promising.

I met a business coach that started off really caring for their clients, investing in them and really was producing results with the clients, then things changed. The clients became very unhappy and were actually losing money by investing in the coach. The clients felt the coach did not even understand their businesses, on their calls their coach would not pay attention to the call. The coach kept bringing on new clients at a rapid pace and began to focus on their revenue goals. This coach took on 30 private one-on-one clients and ran multiple group programs. The end result clients wanting out before they became totally out of money and the coach said no.

So is this coach a bad coach, no. This coach just lost the focus on their purpose and followed the money only at any cost. So here are some questions you might want to consider when seeking out a business coach for you:

1. Have you worked with clients in my field? (service oriented VS a coaching business)
2. How many private clients do you work with at one time?
3. How much time do I get with you?
4. What if we start working together and realize we are not a good fit?

Now, how do you work with the coach once you identify which one?
1. Be transparent and honest with them and yourself, don't hide things
2. Be committed, do what is required or suggested by the coach, apply what you are learning
3. No whining! Just get up and get it done. Many times the failure with the coach is because you are not following through on what you are supposed to do.
4. Communicate with the coach if things are not working, many times if you do not share what is not working for you things will only get worse.

Do you really need a coach? Yes, of some kind. It can be a Mastermind group as well.

Imagine an Olympic athlete (or any other sports team) trying to compete without a coach. Just jumping in and hoping they might win or place. It would be like letting a dozen two year olds onto a field and saying play ball! Did you get the same picture I did? That is you with no accountability in your business.

Sometimes we all need that nudge to get going and stay on track, even the six and seven figure entrepreneurs have a coach in their pocket to help them keep growing.

Don't look at the cost of the coach as an expense look at it as an investment in you and your business success. Brings a whole new perspective to the concept of a business coach.

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