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Business blogging for authors and writers

Take pictures with your fans at events and share them on your blog. Here author Carma Spence, poses with one of her readers at a book signing event in Long Beach, Calif.
Take pictures with your fans at events and share them on your blog. Here author Carma Spence, poses with one of her readers at a book signing event in Long Beach, Calif.
Daniel Stoica

Blogs are an excellent way for Long Beach writers and authors to promote their work. Here are a few ideas for using your blog to promote your books, articles and business.

Blog about the writing process
Readers love to "get inside the mind" of their favorite writers. So blogging about your process: how you came up with your idea, the research you’ve conducted, etc., is an excellent way to build your fan base. You can even share some excerpts from your upcoming works. This can get your fan based engaged and works well for both fiction and nonfiction.

Blog about your expertise
Most writers specialize in one to three topics, whether they write fiction or nonfiction. Your readers will find your knowledge interesting, so you can blog about expansions of, or tangential meanderings from, the main topic of your work.

Doing this gets readers interested in the topic and gives them a taste of your writing style. This strategy is excellent for nonfiction authors, but can be modified to work for fiction authors, as well. (For example, if you write hard science fiction, include posts around the research you've done to add verisimilitude to your work. So, if your forthcoming story features a space elevator, share some information about it that doesn't fit in your story, but give readers a greater understanding of what it is.)

Include your blog audience in the formation of your next work
Getting your readers involved with your next work is great way to create engagement. Having trouble deciding what your next character should be named? Ask your readers! Wondering what subtopics should be covered in your next book? Ask your readers! This strategy not only can help you get past writer’s blocks, but it also engages your fans, making them feel a part of something bigger.

Blog about events that you’ll be attending, are attending or just came back from attending
Let your readers be a fly on the wall of your travels. When you attend events where fans can meet you, such as conventions, trade shows, book signings and more, blog about them and let your readers know. Mention that you’ll be attending such-and-such event and provide your readers with information on how they can attend, too. If the event is multi-day, post a daily summary of the experience. And, once you’ve returned, you can blog about lessons learned or even fun things that happened. This is a great fan community building strategy.

Tip: Include photos from these events and be sure to take a selfie or two. A selfie (a self-photo taken with your camera phone, is a fun, humanizing way to build rapport with your readers, and is easy to share via social media.

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