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Bushwick english country kitchen

Brooklyn is not what typically comes to mind when one fancies a hearty English breakfast, but it exists and is indeed thriving on Bushwick’s Wilson Avenue.

Dear Bushwick chef, Jessica Wilson
Vladimir Merisca
French press coffee at Dear Bushwick
Vladimir Merisca

What started out as an idea for a coffee house in owner, Julian Mohamed’s head three years ago, blossomed into the cozy eatery Dear Bushwick, which beckons locals, visitors and British ex-pats alike with it’s rustic interior, various photos of British scenery, an ample bar and food that is reminiscent of Mohamed’s hometown in the UK.

“We looked for a chef that could somehow take my personal English roots and put a spin on English food and make it more accessible to the New York market, rather than just being your typical English fare,” says Mohamed. “I felt like Bushwick was on the map for Roberta’s (the pizza restaurant), but I don’t feel like it was truly on the map (as a food destination) for more than just one phenomenal restaurant.”

Together with his business partners, Darren Grenia (Head Bartender and Contractor), Emily Sinnott (Restaurant Manager), Mohamed recruited their chef (and partial partner), Jessica Wilson, with 22 years of experience under her belt. Wilson, who is from Vermont, honed her culinary skills in New York City restaurants like A Voce, Prune and Goat Town. Much to everyone’s satisfaction she successfully developed dishes that incorporate English country kitchen cuisine with her New England adaptations. Wilson transformed a typically savory Yorkshire pudding into a sweetened pancake version enhanced with stewed apples and maple syrup. In addition to your full English breakfast, that’s just one of a selection of tantalizing brunch items you can anticipate.

Wilson describes her cooking style as “…using old world farm house technique, but refined. We make our own cheese curds, our own sausages, our own terrines (variety of meatloaves) and pickling.” While she touts the menu’s seasonal variety, some of her signature staple food items include the pork chops, and eggs and butter, which she smokes with wine barrel woods from Red Hook Winery.

It's sufficient to say that such an appetizing menu is aptly matched with an enticing cocktail menu like a classic Old Fashioned, The Iron Lady, London’s Burning and The Bloody Bastard.

Mohamed also disclosed that Dear Bushwick plans to add a speakeasy next door where Grenia will be serving up concoctions with barrel-aged cocktails that he had been perfecting over the past six months, which is all the more reason to keep returning to Dear Bushwick.

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