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Bush signed bill prompting influx of Central American children

what's the matter with kids today?
what's the matter with kids today?
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History and bad decisions have consequences.I know our right-wing friends hate it when we bring up the name of President George W. Bush. I mean that in the sense of alluding to Bush/Cheney's series of mistakes that we are still forced to deal with. Needless to say that Iraq is a thorn in our proverbial shoe that may take decades to resolve. It's interesting too in talking about history's consequences as we look back on the 100th anniversary this weekend of the outbreak of WWI. Part of what happened after that mess was the chopping up of the Mideast and creating countries where none existed before. The British and French had much to do with that, and America would get more involved later.Iraq was put together by foreigners and like Iran, and other nations, was meddled with over the course of time. In 1953, the British and Americans helped topple the duly elected government in Iran (we thought they were becoming too friendly with the "commies"). It was always about the oil obviously.We wonder why so many hate us over there.Now, because of terrorism which could come back to bite us, we really have no choice but to stay engaged. A vacuum will become populated by evildoers ( I miss that word) when hack idiots like Nouri al Maliki are placed in positions of power (another in a series of mistakes thanks to Bush/Cheney). He is no leader when one visionary is intensely needed. A person who can bring all factions together-even if it happens in an eventual partitioned Iraq, a plan which makes the most sense.

That said, we now have to deal with another tragic circumstance much closer to home: the swarm of children coming across our border seeking refuge from harsh conditions in South America. Needless to say, some of our southern neighbors have, like countries in the Mideast, simply appear incapable of creating a nation where people can thrive. Harsh conditions force parents to send their children north to a hopeful home in America. Who can blame them when the richest country on earth is so close? A bill signed in 2008 by then President George W. Bush made it law that such kids have months to be detained while our courts figure out their standing, and their future. I will say in his favor, Bush was for immigration reform, something that his own party is now against. Maybe it was pure politics in seeking a way to get the Hispanic vote, but Bush was at least aware that his party sorely needed to attract this fast growing segment of the US electorate. Like man-made pollutants affecting climate change, the current right-wing majority of Republicans refuse to buy into immigration reform. Even political hacks like Marco Rubio were so scared of being an outcast within his own party, he disbanded his own immigration reform plan: talk about a profile in cowardice. His only dream might be to become a VP candidate, and that would only happen because he's Hispanic-not a real thinker.

So yes my fellow Americans, you can now blame our former president and master of disaster, George W. Bush for this latest fiasco. What part of our lives didn't this guy disrupt? He must stand in good favor still with the ultra rich since he gave them even more money to hold onto. He did help-if only temporarily-the housing market, but then it imploded, now making it even tougher for many middle class types to even get a housing loan. Okay-so i guess it's the ultra rich who still can fondly remember the Bush error, uh, I mean era. Now we must go back and change the law Bush signed, and get back the ability to immediately deport this mass of marching kids. This must be done very soon so the message down south is clear: there is no refuge in America.It's sad to see those poor children because they're pawns in a bigger chess game which has no easy answers. Countries like El Salvador and Honduras have to figure out, like Iraq, how to create a state where citizens can grow-up and flourish without the threat of constant violence or never-ending poverty. Create an environment where becoming a refugee isn't a daily fact of life. I've heard recently that the world-wide refugee problem is at its worst degree since WWII.

Through two of our longest wars in history (which in essence may never end), through the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, America must spend time working on itself. The Iraq fiasco now has cost almost $2 trillion dollars! This price will now go up because we're going back in. We won't and should not become an isolationist nation. The world demands our participation, but we must be more intelligent about how we apply our power and intervention. Meddling in other nation's affairs has backfired time and again, and it can cost us greatly in lives, money, and our once valued reputation. Credibility is crucial in trying to form a template on how others should act. It's not our job to recreate America the world over-but giving a helping hand may prove to be a winning strategy in helping form a more peaceful and prosperous planet.That almost unreal idea is truly worth (attempted) attainment. I'll never forget when it first started to dawn on me that our intervention in Vietnam was a cataclysmic mistake. When I saw our own troops burning down villages in South Vietnam, it became apparent we were winning no hearts and no minds.Watching villagers crying as their homes burned all while our genius generals were saying, "we have to destroy the village-in order to save it". Huh? Even as a youth-this backwards mentality didn't make sense to me, and by then it was too late (1965 & beyond). Military intervention will be a tool necessary on certain occasions, but we need to seek solutions which have mutually beneficial consequences for us and others. We may be able to help other nations, but we can't force solutions. Those attempted resolutions made so many years ago can come back to haunt us. This is what we are now dealing with. Hopefully, for future generations, our help with other nations as true partners, can forge a better life ahead for billions around the world.