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Bush Clinton 2016: Forget left vs. right

The 2016 presidential election is shaping up to be more than just a left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican match-up. It could turn out to be a battle between the elites of each party and "We the People." According to a March 29 article on the Washington Post, the powers that be in the Republican Party have decided that Jeb Bush is the man for the job in 2016. Of course, the Democratic nomination has been sowed up for a long time: Hillary Clinton will surely be almost impossible to beat. So, a Bush Clinton 2016 election is a very real possibility!

2016 is shaping up to be a cozy race.
Photo by Andy Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Although Clinton has not officially entered the race, there is already contention for who will run her campaign, USNews reports. So, with little involvement by the grassroots of either party, the candidates may be chosen ahead of time. Could this situation spawn an actual viable third party? Rand Paul and Chris Christie are both cross-party candidates, although critics have written Christie off because of “Bridgegate.” Laura Ingraham does not think that voters will consider Christie’s scandal as important as the Benghazi scandal which may douse some of the former secretary of state’s fire.

Ingraham also pointed out on the radio on Monday that a Bush Clinton 2016 election would be very odd because of the chummy, almost familial relationship between Bill Clinton and the Bush family, particularly the first President Bush. Just last week, both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush spoke at a forum about education, and they did not differ greatly in their opinions on the issue.

Several questions come to mind about a Bush Clinton 2016 election, but the most interesting one involves whether or not former President George H. Bush and former President Bill Clinton will watch the election night returns together.

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