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Bush and Obama's "war on terrorism"

Last week Rudy Giuliani, notorious for his hawkish speeches and unceasing references to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, informed ABC's George Stephanopoulos that under Bush there were no terrorist attacks. As others have pointed out about this ridiculous conversation, Giuliani forgot about one of the worst domestic terrorist attacks on American soil--9/11.

Giuliani and other Republicans have recently begun blasting Obama after intelligence and security failed to unveil the recent bombing attempt on Christmas day in Detroit. Commentators on the Left and Right in the media have also been arguing whether the Democrats are too soft or not on war, terrorism, etc., but the blame for increased terrorism may lie not just with Obama or the Democrats.

War is no different than terrorism, especially operations carried out by the most sophisticated and powerful military force on the planet. Perspective is of course important. Bush initiated the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; Obama is continuing occupation of these countries and spearheaded operations in Pakistan and Yemen.

If war creates terror, civilian casualties, foreign occupations and violent interventions, one may anticipate "blowback" or fierce reactions. Obama is no more responsible than Bush for any terrorist act that occurs today, and the same goes for both political parties.