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Bush and Jindal emerge together in an ad

According to Politico this morning, will get support from two of the leading contenders, Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal with a television ad appearing Sunday.

A little more nudging please.

If those two are what the Republican Party have in mind for Election 2016, they are probably the best available of the possible candidates in the “crock pot” as Republican strategist Alex Castellanos describes it. Did he mean crack pot?

Seriously, Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal are centrists in the Republican party. They are electable. Jeb Bush can run on competence, while running away from his brother’s legacy. Bobby Jindal can run on competence and ideas that might improve affordable healthcare. Both have government enterprise CEO experience.

The real issue about their political future has to do with what owners of American government enterprise want. Who are the owners? The Supreme Court answered that this past week. They are the wealthy persons and corporate entities and their PACs.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have their PAC clubs too with some of the same members.

When it comes down to it, who does Wall Street want for President? The outcome will have much to do with how that question is answered as anything else.

“Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal to join forces in ad

By JAMES HOHMANN | 4/4/14 5:51 AM EDT

Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal appear in a commercial that will air Sunday to promote, a project focused on outlining a positive GOP agenda for the future.
The former Florida governor and the current Louisiana governor, both potential 2016 presidential candidates, support a super PAC that is the brainchild of Republican strategist Alex Castellanos.

“If you believe that every parent ought to be able to choose their child’s school, and that the economy should be driven from the bottom up, not the top down from Washington, then you’re thinking like a New Republican,” Bush says to the camera at the start of the 30-second spot, shared first with POLITICO.

“If you don’t think the Republican Party should be the party of big government, big business or big anything, you’re thinking like a New Republican,” adds Jindal.”

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