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Bus Rapid Transit goes onto the I-15 in June

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Every 15 minutes the new 235 rapid bus will stop in Escondido in June. Travel at a 2.50 dollar fare on the I-15 to downtown will have few stops.

235 is the lead bus in San DIego's new Bus Rapid Transit system. Faster, and easier, commutes will keep wait times down during trips to work, and school.

Miramar College Transit Station joins the set of rapid bus stations in mid-Summer.

All day, the 235 bus that starts in Escondido will travel through transit plazas at The Boulevard and City Heights. The MTS route ends on W. Broadway in downtown San DIego. Near Santa Fe Station. Peak hour southbound morning commute times and evening northbound commute times have additional bus service. Route 280 will take Escondido bus riders through the Del Lago Station to downtown. At a peak hour bus fare. 5 dollars. The route 290 bus travels from Rancho Bernardo Station, stops at Sabre SPrings/Penasquitos transit station, and ends the route downtown.

New stations and shelters were built along the Bus Rapid Transit routes. Riders who catch a bus will step onto new comfortable buses.

Rapid buses will keep moving at fast speeds on the new FasTrak lanes built on the I-15, and on highway 163. Seven days a week. All day.

800 buses are going out of service, or will run on a reduced schedule.

San DIegans can look ahead to more rapid bus route starts later this year in September. Bus routes 237 and 215 will travel on school commute lines between Rancho Bernardo and UCSD, and, SDSU and downtown.

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