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Bus driver's prior DUI erased: Same bus driver pie-eyed carting kids in new DUI

The Connecticut bus driver who was pulled over intoxicated while carting a bus full of 20 kids is found to have had a prior DUI arrest. The bus driver, Tammy Costello, 44, was arrested on Wednesday in Farmington after she dropped the students off at a middle school, according to Fox News on Aug. 29.

Bus driver with prior DUI gets another DUI with kids on the bus, why was she hired?

After the arrest, the bus company’s records were reviewed and it was found that Costello had a 2004 DUI, but it wasn’t on her driving record. She had entered an education program where upon completion her DUI was dropped from her driving record, basically erased, reports ABC News.

The company, M&J Bus Company, was visited by Department of Motor Vehicle inspectors on Thursday. They are now questioning if a proper background check was done on Costello before allowing her to drive the town’s most precious cargo back and forth from school.

The DMV inspectors are not only reviewing the driving records of Costello, but of all the drivers after this incident brought some serious concerns to light. The DMV wants to know just who it is driving the school children back and forth from school.

The Connecticut officials learned from the company’s records that Costello had a prior DUI charge. The day of the incident it was very apparent to the kids that their bus driver was not herself. Parents are up in arms that this woman, who had a prior DUI, was hired by the school system's bus company to drive their kids around. What is even more alarming is that the bus company hiring the woman with a prior DUI was within the scope of the law in doing so.

WTNH New Haven News reports that it was a “nervous ride for the students on the bus with their bus driver behind the wheel at three times the legal limit for alcohol consumption. The A. Robbins Middle School parents expressed concerns that this woman was allowed to drive their kids with a DUI record.

Apparently Costello’s record has nothing on it that would prevent the bus company from originally hiring her. Along with her prior DUI, she side-swiped something, taking the rear view mirror off a bus, which she failed to report to police. As WTNH New Haven reports, none of this would have stopped the bus company from hiring her, which is alarming to the parents of the kids that she’s driving around.

Kyle Meccariello, a Farmington parent said “I am concerned for not only my child but for all the children who have been subjected to that.” Another parent from Farmington said, “They are carrying school children and they are responsible for their lives they really need to do a better job.”

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