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‘Bus Driver: Pocket Edition’ now available on iOS

‘Bus Driver: Pocket Edition’ now available on iOS
‘Bus Driver: Pocket Edition’ now available on iOS

Bus Driver: Pocket Edition” is now available on the iOS for $2.99, video game developer Meridian4 said in a press release today obtained by Examiner.

A mobile version of the PC cult-classic, “Bus Driver: Pocket Edition” is a driving sim that has gamers do more than just drive a school bus- doing everything from giving sight-seeing tours to tourists and even transporting prisoners, all while observing traffic laws and avoiding distractions.

Meridian4 said the game has 12 levels available at launch, but promised over 20 more will be available after future updates. Featuring updates to the visuals and the added content, the developers said “Bus Driver: Pocket Edition” is an updated and improved version of the original.

“Fans have been clamoring for a mobile version of Bus Driver for years,”” Pavel Sebor, chief executive officer of SCS Software, the game’s original developer, said in a press release today. ““Our partnership with Meridian4 has given us an opportunity to reward fans with a product that respects the franchise in quality, graphics and most importantly, fun. We're very pleased with the work Meridian4 and Twisted Oak have done and look forward to seeing how much the fans and those new to Bus Driver enjoy the game.””

Bus Driver: Pocket Edition is now available on the App Store here:

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