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Bus driver attack: Olympia, Washington bus driver attacked by passenger (VIDEO)

A bus driver attack occurred in Washington state on Tuesday. A passenger attacked the bus driver after a confrontation and the entire incident was caught on video, according to a UPI report on Wednesday.

Bus driver attacked in Olympia, Washington
New York Daily News

The brutal attack of the bus driver occurred in Olympia, Washington. According to local police, an extremely angry man on one of the Intercity Transit buses was engaged in the threatening of other passengers as the bus was traveling on the west side of Olympia. After the bus driver had approached the threatening passenger, he told him to either quiet himself or leave the bus. That’s when the physically abusive passenger started punching the bus driver.

As the bus driver bled at the hands of the attacker, the violent man said asked the bus driver if he was bleeding. He asked him if it was real blood. Then he said, “Let me taste it.”

Finally, the rider left the bus and was found several hours later at a transit center in downtown Olympia. The man was charged with third-degree assault.

The bloodied bus driver was treated at a local hospital and released.

This incident occurred one day after an Ohio bus driver said his pocket-sized Bible saved him from a close-range shooting.

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