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Bus attack goes viral

Nearly everyone who has taken some kind of public transportation has experienced some kind of frustration at one point or another.

Most people, however, would not go so far as to attack the driver or conductor of the bus or train they are riding.

But that is exactly what happened recently on a Nassau County bus. In an attack that has since gone viral online, a woman attacked the driver of the bus she was riding on when the driver refused to make an unscheduled stop the woman had requested.

There has since been an arrest in the case, but not before the attack (taken by several passengers on cell phones) became visible on the internet.

While any passenger may feel frustrated at one point or another on public transit, it is important to remember that drivers can only follow their own set of rules and the schedules that were given to them by the company they work for.

They need to follow rules that will keep everyone safe, especially their passengers.

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