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Burns Like Hell raises hell at Phil’s Radiator

Burns Like Hell raises hell at Phil’s Radiator.
Burns Like Hell raises hell at Phil’s Radiator.
Sean Beeman

Burns Like Hell brought an onslaught of fire and brimstone to Phil’s Radiator, on Feb. 21. They were the direct support, Gozer and Death By Cemetery were the openers and Sally Majestic was the headlining act.

Burns Like Hell raises hell at Phil’s Radiator.
Sareth Ney

Randy Sanchez is the guitarist and vocalist, Dennis “Greezy D” Moore is the bassist and vocalist and Joe Vigil is the drummer and vocalist of Burns Like Hell.

Before Burns Like Hell began their performance with “Firewater”, Gozer’s Mike Sword led the crowd to singing “Happy Birthday” to Vigil. After a few moments later—Sanchez greeted the crowd, introduced the name of the song and Moore began to play. Vigil accompanied him and Sanchez’s guitar screeched through the monitors, shortly after. As Vigil struck his drum set, he provided the vocals. During the performance, Sanchez provided a guitar solo. Vigil ended the song by alternating striking his cymbals.

Sanchez introduced “All Things”, as he strummed his guitar and paused between songs. Then, he took over vocal duties and provided the verses. As the chorus came around, he was assisted by Vigil. As Moore played his bass—he faced it upside-down, brought it upwards and finished the song by holding it in a vertical position.

Shortly after, Vigil adjusted the wing nuts of his cymbals and Sanchez tuned his guitar. Afterwards, Vigil spoke into the microphone and dedicated “Headin’ South” to friends and family whom passed on. He went onto mention a few of their names. A member of the audience attempted to lighten the mood and requested for Burns Like Hell to turn their music up louder. After the song came to an end, a spectator yelled out a song request.

As Moore tuned his bass, Sanchez played his guitar and thanked the crowd for attending the concert. He went onto introduce “Down From The Mountain” and his band maters, soon after. Then, he raised his beverage and proposed a toast and the onlookers raised their glasses to him.

“Into The Void” would bring Burns Like Hell to an end. As soon as they performed, a mosh pit formed behind those standing in the front row. Some in the front row sang along with them, placed their foot stage and maintained their balance. While others had their backs faced towards the band and helped push bodies from accidentally knocking objects off stage.

“Dying Star” and “Last Day” were also part of Burns Like Hell.

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