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Burning of Xinye from 'From the Vault: Annihilation'

Burning of Xinye
Burning of Xinye
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Burning of Xinye is one of 15 legendary Magic: The Gathering cards featured in Wizards of the Coast's From the Vault: Annihilation. Originally printed in Portal Three Kingdoms as a rare, Burning of Xinye has previously commanded an exorbitant price on the secondary market due to its scarcity. Thanks to its reprint in From the Vault: Annihilation, many newer players will be able to finally cast this spell for the first time.

Burning of Xinye - 4RR
Sorcery (Mythic Rare)
You destroy four lands you control, then target opponent destroys four lands he or she controls. Then Burning Xinye deals 4 damage to each creature.

Often compared to Wildfire, there's a huge functional difference between the two spells especially in multiplayer games. Burning of Xinye says "destroy" and not "sacrifice." That means you'll be able to target your Darksteel Citadel and come out ahead. Another key difference is that Burning of Xinye says "target opponent" instead of "each player." That's relevant when players may control an Aegis of the Gods or Leyline of Sanctity. Lastly, Burning of Xinye only hits one opponent and not all players. This will allow you to avoid making many enemies in multiplayer games, however it'll also mean you may end up with less lands and/or creatures than everyone else.

To abuse Burning of Xinye, one only needs to look back at Kai Budde's Wildfire deck from Worlds in 1999 for inspiration. Artifacts like Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, and Voltaic Key can help mitigate the impact Burning of Xinye will have on your manabase. You'll also want to run creatures with a toughness of five or greater that'll be able to survive the four damage Burning of Xinye deals. Ember Swallower is a recent creature which will not only survive but be able to further punish your opponent even further should it become monstrous.

How will you use Burning of Xinye? Please let us know in the comments or via social media.

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