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Burning koran is protected by 1st Amendment

Obama and Bloomberg have been "standing up" for supposed freedom of religion in supporting the construction of building a mosque on ground zero to celebrate the attacks on America on 9/11.  They are even supporting using taxpayer money to build it; which violates the supposed separation of state and church.  Furthermore, in the fanatical support of islam, they are building, at taxpayer expense, inside the World Trade Center memorial, an special area dedicated to the memory of the hijackers that killed 3000 Americans.  Incredibly, Bloomberg and Obama do not consider then terrorists but as victims of American injustice who deserve a special area for them to be praised.

The newly-found love of the U.S. Constitution by Obama and Bloomberg is surprising since, as they have stated, they never felt proud of this country until they were elected.  They have bent and twisted the Constitution to force public housing, social spending, illegal wars, and socialism even though the Constitution forbids these things.

Even more surprising is that although they "courageously" choose the "unpopular" route in supporting the mosque because of "deep" belief in the Constitution, they are opposed to non-muslims right to burn the koran on "International burn a koran day" on September 11.

Obama and Bloomberg say it is we should not burn the koran because it is offensive and will push laws to deprive people of their right to burn this vile piece of trash despite a Constitutional right to do so.  This is hypocrisy.  They claim to support the Constitution when it helps muslims preach hate,but not when it makes a purely political statement.

Some say that we should be afraid of islamic reprisals.  They do not fear us when they provoke us, why should we fear them ? Besides, do these savages really need any excuse to murder ? 1500 years of violence says no.

If muslims have the right to build a mosque, then Americans have the right to burn the koran. 


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