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Burning Fair Verona: Set for complete take over

Album Cover
Album Cover
Burning Fair Verona, Facebook

Burning Fair Verona has been on a steady climb to the top of the metal community with their band of brotherhood feel to fellow musician's, as well as to the top of every metal fan's playlist. Whether it be over your headphones or through a live p.a, BFV never leaves you disappointed. Metal, or honestly music in general is not a game of cut throat. A lot of bands have failed to see this point, and it is truly refreshing, and to be quite honest, being proven before your eyes with BFV that networking with your fellow musician and cross promotion is an extremely honorable and successful route in music.

Coming from the pits of a garage, to sharing the stage with such bands as Fear Factory, Upon A Burning Body and Alestorm, to now being a frequent headliner with a heavy draw, BFV has already acquired quite the history. BFV has had few member changes (always on great terms), but now they have their most solid line up to date and they are ready to show you what they have been creating. That creation comes with the name "Forever Sleep". On July 5th at Bourbon Street Nightclub in New Port Richey, FL, BFV will be hosting an album release party to uncage this beast.

Evan Ursitti, lead guitarist and ring leader of this quintet, promises "Forever Sleep" is heavy, has the BFV flavor and stresses that these tracks are unforgiven. Ursitti, goes on to say that the lyric content tackles conflictive topics such as "burning pedophiles" to "silencing the drama queens who use suicide threats as an attention seeker". No sugar coating, no apologies. This is a good ol' in your face heavy metal album with the shredding guitars and bass, percise drumming, and intensity that is known to be the sound of Burning Fair Verona.

"With this album we wanted to really capture the intensity that our frontman Brooks Patrick McIver brings in his live shows to each track." -Ursitti

Recently BFV released their latest preview single to Facebook via YouTube, entitled "Poseido Por La Luna" which features guest vocals from Akeldama's, Andrew Zink. It starts with BFV's signature eerie guitar chords then slams you right into it, followed but McIver's low, heavy vocals over the top. High energy all the way through and then topped off towards the end with very impressive clean vocals from Zink. The single stirred up a lot of interest with over a hundred shares on Facebook within just a few days.

When asked what the future holds for Burning Fair Verona, Ursitti proclaims that BFV is breaking its roots from Tampa soil and is heading out on the road the second week of August. With their accelerated growth, lend a hand additude, and positive outlook mixed with undisputedly brutal music, its safe to say Burning Fair Verona is set for a a much deserved complete take over.

"Forever Sleep" Release party

July 5th, 2014 @ Bourbon Street NightClub

New Port Richey, FL

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