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Burning calories in the snow


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Ever since Groundhog Day when the notorious, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow; snow storms have been sweeping across the Rockies. With temperatures below freezing the will to go outside disappears, and our couches become more and more appealing. As our bikes and rollerblades continue to collect dust in our garage, the longing desire for the warmth of sunshine consumes us. While the thought of 6 more weeks of winter tends to cue the “winter blues”, rest assured there are ways to have fun and burn calories in snow. Say goodbye to your couch, while you bundle up for some outdoor exercise and fun.

Here are some “fun in the snow” activities that you can do to burn calories and stay in shape:
Skiing/ Snowboarding: 422 calories/hour
Cross Country skiing: 563 calories/hour
Sledding (carrying sled up hill) : 493 calories/hour
Snow shoeing: 563 calories/hour
Snowmobiling: 246 calories/hour
Shoveling snow: 408 calories/hour
Building a snowman: 285 calories/hour
Making snow angels: 214 calories/hour
Snowball fight: 319 calories/hour
Ice Skating: 408 calories/hour
Ice Hockey: 544 calories/hour
*The list above is based on a 150 lb person. Keep in mind that accurate calorie burning calculation will vary based on: weight, age, gender, metabolic rate, and the activity intensity level.
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