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Burned cat rescued from Washington fires hopes to be reunited with family

Burned cat rescued from Central Washington fires; rescues need support
Burned cat rescued from Central Washington fires; rescues need support
Lost & Found Pets WA State

Fueled by erratic winds, the wildfires in Central Washington continue to blaze a swath of destruction. KOMO 4 News reported yesterday that evacuations and road closures are changing regularly, with gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour driving the fire across ridges and closer to small towns. People and their animals have been evacuating as quickly as they can, but many people have become separated from their animal family members during the rush to escape walls of flames.

Yesterday morning, the fire in the Methow Valley had burned almost 340 acres. The towns of Carlton and Pateros were evacuated - but not everyone made it out together. Lost & Found Pets WA State reported that a burned cat was rescued today not far from Pateros, Washington.

Lost & Found Pets stated today: "Found by the Alta Lake Golf Resort by a kind woman who then drove a long ways to find her help. Moving her to Lake Chelan Vet Hospital with Dr. Shelton at 509 670 4664. She's either a calico or black and white that looks calico from the burns. If she's your cat, please bring proof."

It is unclear how many animals have been separated from their people, but local organizations, including Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) and the people behind Lost & Found Pets WA State are working together to reunite people with their missing animals. Lost & Found Pets stated on their Facebook page yesterday: "These wildfires are devastating and people and animals alike need help. We are gearing up to head out to the surrounding areas in the morning to try to help locate missing pets that are running from the fires. PLEASE if you can spare any change at all, we are going to have lots of traveling and are currently headed to Walmart to stock up on supplies (first aid items, face masks, cold compresses, antiseptics, pet supplies, etc)."

The burned cat has taken a turn for the better, thanks to Lake Chelan Veterinary Hospital. The hospital stated today: "We have a fund set up for fire rescues. Please check for contact info on our website or on our Facebook page. And thanks! This little kitty is now stable - she was very dehydrated with multiple burns and abrasions. She will be staying with us until healed."

If you have a lost or found pet from the Central Washington fires, Lost & Found Pets WA State is posting animals to help reunite them with their families. You can reach their Facebook page here to report a missing pet or found animal.

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