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Burnal Equinox this weekend in Second Life

Burnal Equinox in Second Life
Burnal Equinox in Second Life
Erik Gordon Bainbridge

The annual Burnal Equinox is happening in Second Life® this weekend and is doing something it’s never done before: it’s in the Second Life sky.

The theme of this year’s Burnal Equinox is “Hotter than Air”. It’s set in a future in which Earth’s surface has become mostly uninhabitable and people spend much of their time on platforms in the sky. The platforms are imaginative and well implemented.

The event is part of Burn 2, Burning Man in Second Life, and like all Burn 2 events, you can go to a variety of performance events, most notably the Changhigh Sisters Fireshow at noon SLT/PDT today. If you haven’t seen them, be sure to go. They always put on a spectacular show in Second Life events.

The Burn is always the most popular event at Burn 2, and this weekend there will be two Burns, from 8pm to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to get there early. The sims frequently fill to capacity long before a Burn starts.

You can get the full calendar of Burnal Equinox events at, and you can learn more about the event at the Burn 2 website, Second Life members can teleport to the event by clicking This will take you to the welcome area, where you can pick up free Burn 2 gifts and ride a balloon up into the sky where the events are happening.