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Burn victim Slurpees himself: Man bathing in Slurpees stuns 7-Eleven employees

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Slurpees frozen drinks are a popular beverage with young and old alike, but when a man came into an Oregon 7-Eleven and started bathing in the cold frozen liquid, this confused employees a bit. While the man helped himself at the Slurpee machine, he was completely oblivious to the mess he was making all around him, according to NewsMax on May 29.

The employees of this Grants Pass 7-Eleven store considered this a disturbance so they called police on the heavily tattooed man drenching his clothes in Slurpees. When the man first ran into the store and started lathering up with the frosty Hawaiian Punch, it was just a minute or so later two men came in angry at the Slurpee bather. Employees tried to calm them down and keep them away from the tattooed man who was soaking wet in the cold icy drink.

ABC News reports that the Grants Pass Police got a 911 call about the 7-Eleven disturbance. Around the same time they were scouting the same neighborhood looking for a man who was reportedly being chased by two assailants armed with baseball bats.

Apparently there was a domestic disturbance in the neighborhood and a couple of people were doused with hot oil. One woman was taken to the hospital and the other victim took off running on foot with two men chasing him waving bats.

It seems as if the other victim of the hot oil fight was the man lathering up with the Slurpees at the 7-Eleven. The employees had no idea he was suffering from burns until the police sat him down and he explained his seemingly over infatuation with the summer drink. Apparently this one-stop-shopping event led police to their other burn victim and the two assailants who were reportedly chasing him with baseball bats.

The man was eventually transported to Providence Medical Center where he was treated for his burns. Grants Pass Police Lt. Todd Martin told the media that the dispute was between neighbors and that there were two people, one being the Slurpee bather, who were scalded with hot oil.

The incident is still under investigation and so far no arrests have been made. Police did not release the name of the burn victim or what the substance was that he was burned with.