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Burn off Super Bowl calories today

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Let’s not sugar coat this. Superbowl Sunday is a special occasion and like all celebratory events in Boston (and the rest of America), it is accompanied by the overindulgence of food and alcohol. While many play hard to party hard, not everyone is blessed with this kind of self control and motivation. If you had wings, pizza, beer, cookies, potato skins, nachos and whatever else Sully’s girlfriend whipped up (or bought in the freeze aisle of Trader Joe’s), you probably had at least 3,000 extra calories than your body really needed. Now is the time to burn it off before it lands on your abs.

On average, a chicken wing has about 80-100 calories. A heavy beer has between 120-200 calories. A slice of pizza on the low end of the calorie spectrum has about 400 calories. The sooner you get moving, the more likely these extra calories will be burned off rather than stored for later (or never) use.

Now to put these numbers in terms of exercise: On average walking burns about 4 calories per minute. If you want for an hour, you will burn 240 calories or two beers. Jogging burns 3 times as many calories with 12.5 per minute, and up to 50 if you sprint. Take action now and the less likely the calories will ever be noticed on a scale or in your favorite pair of jeans.

Take a cardio class like spinning or kickboxing to burn off up to 600 calories in an hour long session. If you are more of a runner and don't mind the chilly New England weather and icy roads, make the most of your time and try this interval workout that will burn up to 450 calories in 30 minutes. You can do this workout as well on a treadmill. If you are more of a beginner, check out this beginner interval workout on YouTube.

Cardio Interval Workout Running or Elliptical
Time Internsity RPE (1-10)

5 minutes Warm Up Easy to Moderate 4
1 minute Moderate to Difficult 6
3 minutes Moderate 4
1 minute Difficult 7
3 minutes Moderate 4
1 minute Difficult 7
3 minutes Moderate 4
1 minutes Difficult 8
3 minutes Moderate 4
1 minute Difficult 9
3 minutes Moderate 4
5 minutes Cool Down Easy 3




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