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'Burn Notice' star Seth Peterson leaves wife to shack up with his girlfriend

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According to TMZ on Jan. 9, the ‘Burn Notice’ star, Seth Peterson, is “banging his 22 year-old girlfriend, not his pregnant wife”. Peterson has caught the attention of the media by plastering all over the internet how happy he is with aspiring writer girlfriend, Miranda Doerfler.

Kylee Cochran, who is pregnant with the couple’s third child together, filed for divorce recently after being married for 12 years from the 43 year-old ‘Burn Notice’ star. She claims he left her when she was three months pregnant to shack up with his 22 year-old hot new thing, Miranda Doerfler. Miranda, over the past month or two, has not been shy about posting pictures of her with Seth Peterson, claiming they are a couple and ecstatically happy.

When asked by one of her friends “Isn’t Seth married?” Her reply was “LOL, yeah”. It was cold, rude and well, let’s just say not nice. With Kylee Cochran’s due date quickly approaching, she is asking the court for a divorce, spousal support and full custody. She claims Peterson is “not thinking clearly and has a drug problem.” She went on to say she must “protect the children.”

It is completely tasteless not to mention disrespectful to his soon-to-be ex wife and children to profess his undying love for his twenty-something girlfriend. What do you think about his behavior?