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Burn holiday calories around the house

Not much of a workout guru? Don't like gyms? No problem! Here are some ways to burn calories without going to a gym.

Vacuuming. The average female can burn approximately 100 calories per hour just from vaccuming! If you're like me, you thrive on multi-tasking. Clean your house while burning calories!

Scrub your bathroom. Scrubbing the counters, sink, toilet, floor, and even bathtub can burn some serious calories. These movements use your hamstrings, quadriceps, and your biceps and triceps and help you burn approximately 140 calories an hour.

Stairs haven't been cleaned lately? Increase your calorie burning by vacuuming your stairs.

Shopping. Burn up to 150 calories per hour by grocery shopping to prepare a holiday meal, or doing your last minute Christmas shopping.

Rearrange your home. Need a new look? Change up your furinature and burn around 288 calories per hour! When you move furinature, you are more likely to use more muscles, therefore burning more calories.

Decorate! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's involves alot of decorating. You could burn up to 160 calories an hour decorating your home as well as your Christmas tree!

Cooking. Hosting your family Christmas dinner? Then you could burn another 175 calories per hour while preparing that delicious meal.


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