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Burn extra calories off on Easter

Burlington's boardwalk at the Waterfront
Burlington's boardwalk at the Waterfront
Courtesy of weblinks, inc. dba LinkVermont

How sweet it is to finally have nice weather! Before or after indulging in all of your planned Easter festivities consider getting outside to enjoy some of the nice weather and boost your metabolism. Most of us will be enjoying delicious food as well more sweets than you should normally have in a week’s time. This will happen on occasion, especially holidays so it’s important to have some sort of game plan in store to burn off those extra calories. Here are a couple ideas to consider or even build on.

After all the Easter egg hunts are done and dinner and the highly anticipated desserts have been served, how about a nice walk on the bike path, downtown or by the waterfront? It will give you and your company a chance to get out and see the sunset as well as temporarily raise your metabolism to help burn off some of those extra calories packed away from the day.

Try completing a full body workout in less than 15 minutes tomorrow morning before you get your day started.  This can be approached in a number or ways, but to keep it simple stick with pushups, squats and sit ups. Do as many pushups as you can for one minute, take 30 seconds off, and then do as many sit ups as you can for a minute, take 30 seconds off then finish with as many squats as you can do in one minute. This would conclude round one.

Try completing 3-5 rounds with no more than 1-2 minutes rest between rounds. The rest between exercises and rounds will depend on your fitness level, so make sure to assess yourself after each round. Is your heart rate elevated? Is your body temperature beginning to rise? These are both good signs that you are challenging yourself as long as they aren’t increasing at a drastic rate.

There are many different exercises and combinations to explore that will tax the whole body in a short amount of time. The goal here is to temporarily boost your metabolism to offset some of great things we all enjoy around holidays, great food and desserts. Happy Easter!