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Burn calories in the water

As summer time approaches, and with the temperature on the rise, many people are found with trying to find an alternative to getting a good workout without having to face the blistering heat wave in some parts of the world.

kayaking for two. its always fun to workout witha  friend, especially in teh water
kayaking for two. its always fun to workout witha friend, especially in teh water
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images
working out in the water has its advantages
Photo by Lutz Bongarts/Bongarts/Getty Images

What most people don't realize is that you can get a good workout with having some fun in the water. You can burn a lot of calories. Working out in the water will help you in many ways. It provides resistance that the body needs without forcing on a lot of impact on the joints. This in turn prevents injury and allows the participant the ability to workout longer. Working out with weights can give you good results, but if the resistance is too much for the body to withstand, you will pay a price at the end of your workout.

Water is also helping in regulating body temperature. Most people feel that if they are not completely getting a full workout if they are not extremely hot and sweating. Also a raise in metabolism from a good workout is a good thing for the body to help burn off extra fat in the body, it can be very taxing on the body if not regulated and cam cause some major issues with the body. Over exertion can cause issues of passing out and can cause the organs int eh body to malfunction from being overworked. working out in the water will help with keeping the body cool while still being able to get the body's workout out in a way that will give off long lasting effects.

Some of the many ways that you can burn calories without overheating the body are:

Kayaking - a good form of exercises that works out the upper and lower body as well as the core to keep balance in your kayak.

Aqua Zumba - Zumba on dry land is great but can be very hard on the joints. aqua zumba will do the very same thing, but it will help keep the body cool and well as lower the resistance to the body from pounding on the floor

Canoeing - this is a group activity just like kayaking, but it is requiring a group effort and helps with synchronizing a workout with a partner.

Water Aerobics - this exercise will help you with being able to get your cardio up, without you sacrificing being overheated in the middle of a workout

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