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Burn calories on Super Bowl Sunday with fun Party Girl Diet 10-min workouts

While “Super Bowl Sunday” is all about watching football, feasting on Super Bowl food, and having fun, the “Party Girl Diet” book series offers easy 10-minute workout solutions you can sneak in during the “2014 Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show” to burn off some of the fat and calories you just ate.

It's time to get in a "Super Bowl State of Mind."
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Keep in mind, research shows you can break up your workout into quick, 10-minute increments and gain intrinsically the same health benefits you would exercising for 30 minutes straight.

~ The Party Girl Diet

So go ahead and sneak in a fun 10—minute workout from the Party Girl Diet’s new “Super Abs Playbook Kindle” during the “2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show” featuring “Bruno Mars and the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” to gain the following 4 tangible health benefits:

  1. Boost your metabolism
  2. Aid in digestion
  3. Increase endorphin production
  4. Burn fat and calories

Below are a few Super Bowl workout ideas from the Super Abs Playbook's Top 10 fun & easy ways to burn calories featured on “California Living” - that are perfect fitness choices to engage in before, during or after watching the 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show:”

  • Free-Style Dancing: Hold a mini-dance contest with your guests during the “2014 Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show” and offer fun or silly prizes to get people moving…and burning up to 220 calories every 30 minutes free-style dancing.
  • Hula-Hooping: Here's a fun calorie burner and abs workout that torches approximately 100 calories in just 10 minutes. Hula-hoop while watching the “Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Show” and you'll burn calories and have a lot of fun doing it. Adults should choose a hoop that comes up to your chest when standing it upright on level ground.
  • Playing Frisbee: Weather permitting, this is a fun and easy calorie burner you can do practically anywhere there is some open space to play - and burns up to 175 calories an hour while working your arms, shoulders and enhancing hand-eye coordination.
  • While brisk walking on the beach engages more muscle fibers burns up to 30% more calories than walking on flat surfaces, if you don’t have a beach handy on Super Bowl Sunday, heading out for a brisk 10-minute walk still offers health benefits and aids digestion.
  • Jump Rope: While a bit tougher on the knees - jumping rope is a great way to shred the fat layer off your abs and offers a calorie burn of approximately 374 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Of course, you can just get outside for some fresh air and throw a football around with some pals, which burns about 176 calories an hour, is super fun…and the perfect activity to get you and your guests moving on “Super Bowl Sunday.”

After all the 2014 Super Bowl Sunday food and fun, “Super Bowl Monday” is the perfect day to get into some serious fitness with “Circuit Training:” The Super Abs Playbook's Abs Workout previewed in the Inside Look TV video production on this page is an example of a circuit training abs workout routine; which is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. Circuit training burns approximately 285 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the intensity in which the exercises are performed, and an individual's height, weight, etc.

Until next time…keep the party going ~ Aprilanne

Estimated calorie burns provided above are base on a 150 lb. woman and will vary depending on a person's weight, height, age, and the intensity in which an exercise is performed.

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