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Burlington Muslims Condemn Suicide Bombing

Killing an innocent human being is like killing all of humanity (Quran 5:32)

Suicide bombers detonated themselves during Isha prayers at a popular Sufi shrine in Lahore, Pakistan, leaving 40 dead, and at least 175 wounded. The attack was aimed at Sufi Muslims, who make up the silent majority of Pakistan’s population, and are a more moderate Islamic group. While the Pakistani Taliban is suspected, and has been blamed by the local police of orchestrating the attack, no group has come forward as yet to claimed responsibility.

This attack is not the first against Muslim groups in the Middle East and South Asia. The past four years have been tumultuous and filled with casualties in countries like Pakistan, where peaceful worshippers have been the victims of extremism. The Burlington Muslim community has condemned the attacks, claiming that the perpetuating of attacks by religious extremist groups goes against the basic tenants of Islam. 


  • lcharles kottich 4 years ago

    This is a hoax! Muslims get away with such statements by using the word "innocent", In their minds, no one, unless she/he is Muslim, is innocent. All non-muslim persons are guilty of all sorts of crimes such as supporting Israel against the Palestinians, attacking muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc, Since most of their suicide victims are non-muslims (and therefore, deserve to die) they are valid victims to any kind of muslim killing.

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