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Burlington company develops high-tech health collar for pets

PetPace high-tech health collar for monitoring your pet's vitals.
PetPace high-tech health collar for monitoring your pet's vitals.

A Burlington, Mass. company, PetPace, has developed a new collar that can tell how a pet is feeling at any given moment, according to WBZ4. The noninvasive, monitoring collar tracks vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration, activity levels, physical position and calories burned. It will even send an alert via text message if it tracks any abnormalities or suspicious health trends.

According to the young company's website, the collar is a “low power, wireless collar fitted with an array of sensors that reports abnormal vital signs, physiological and behavioral parameters.” The collar is available for $150 with a $15 per month charge for the service. It is for sale for cats and dogs 8 pounds and up. The collar is water and dust resistant and shockproof for outdoor use. You can access your pet's information via an app from an Android, iPhone or iPad.

WBZ4 reports veterinarians using the collars as well on dogs after surgery or for their regular check-ups. Using the collar eliminates invasive procedures for taking temperature and vitals.

Veterinarians warn that the collar is a great aide but not a substitution for regular vet care. The collar should not take the place of routine blood work or for needed professional care.

The collars are currently only available in Massachusetts and Florida.

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