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Burke does not see value in paying for analytics

Brian Burke
Brian Burke
Richard Wolowicz, Getty Images

According to Scott Cullen of TSN, Calgary Flames general manager Brian Burke attended the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston on Tuesday.

Burke was on a panel joined by Boston Bruins assistant general manager Don Sweeney, Washington Capitals assistant general manager Don Fishman, Merrimack College head coach Mark Dennehy and analyst Eric Tulsky.

Burke admitted that the Flames are always "looking for that edge", but admitted he does not see the value for paying for analytics. The veteran hockey executive instead emphasizes "character" in evaluating talent. This approach could be considered as old-fashioned however as the Moneyball approach is generating steam throughout the professional sports world.

According to the Sloan Sports Conference website, there still seems to be a high degree of speculation about the implementation of analytics in the National Hockey League. On their page, it says "the rink, however, still remains a less-than-forgiving climate for perfected analytical judgment and implementation."