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Buried alive: Women, children thrown into mass graves by Iraqi terrorists

The bloodthirsty and merciless terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an offshoot of the notorious al-Qaida, on Sunday allegedly murdered upwards of 300 members of Iraq's Yazidi ethnic minority and those who are Christians. Many of those killed were women and children who were reported to have been buried alive by the jihadists, according to Lawrence Kressher, an expert in counterterrorism and intelligence analysis, as well as a consultant to a number of law enforcement agencies.

One of many photographs circulating on the Internet depicting what appear to be mass executions of prisoners of war.

Kressher claims that the Sunni Islamists not only buried alive a number victims but they also kidnapped 300 women to be used as slaves by the jihadist hordes who are hellbent on creating and maintaining a caliphate.

The Sunni terrorists had captured the town of Sinjar, which has been recognized for centuries as the home of the Yazidis, and began to immediately treat them as worshipers of Satan. As with the Iraqi Christians, the jihadists threatened to execute anyone who did not renounce their religion and convert of Islam.

According to Middle Eastern news media, those who refused to convert to Islam by Sunday were buried alive in a number of mass, unmarked graves in Sinjar. An Iraqi Christian minister is said to have prayed to Jesus Christ that the United States will save the remaining Christians and non-Muslims in Iraq.

However, so far, President Barack Obama has nixed the idea of sending U.S. ground forces into Iraq in an effort to end the religious genocide at the hands of the Islamists. Obama, his sycophants and many in the news media continue their constant drumbeat in the media claiming "the American people are weary of war."

"Every time I hear a politician or news reporter or a commentator say that Americans are weary of war, I always wonder: which Americans are they talking about? The vast majority of the American people have never served in the military fighting our enemies overseas. And only about 750,000 Americans are serving as law enforcement or security officials stateside. So what the hell are Americans weary of?" asked former U.S. Marine and New York police detective Sidney Franes.

"This is what happens when you have a community organizer running the country," he added.

The Islamic State recently declared a caliphate in combined districts of Iraq and Syria that they successfully invaded. The jihadist invasion of Mosul and the surrounding towns and villages has caused more than 200,000 Christians and other non-Muslims to flee their homes, according to an Examiner news story in June.

According to terrorism expert Kressher, the genocide of Christians and Yazidis is only the beginning of the human carnage. The Sunni terrorists in the Islamic State,considers all Shi'ite Muslims to be heretics who must repent or die, For example, news reports indicated that in the City of Tikrit, the Islamists captured hundreds of government soldiers -- most of whom were Shi'ites -- when the Islamic State invaded and took control of the birthplace of Saddam Hussein, the city of Tikrit.

Beginning in June, the terrorists posted images on the Internet showing the radical Muslims systematically shooting their military prisoners.

The terrorist hordes began their invasion of northern Iraq in June when they beat back the ethnic Kurds in its advance to seizing towns, oilfields and Iraq's largest dam. There are many who believe the ruthless jihadists may at some point decide to blowup the dam and flood the cities. Others fear they may cut off the water supply and destroy the power grid. Or perhaps they will perpetrate both war crimes.

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