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Burger King's Steakhouse XT: Jewel in King's crown

Burger King's Steakhouse XT
Burger King's one-third pound Angus Steakhouse XT

Burger King's Steakhouse XT is a helluva bite for just under four dollars. It's a one-third pound patty, that's flame grilled, to be charred and juicy at the same time. The flavor of the Angus beef got my attention on the first bite, and blended well with the sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo.

The A-1 Steakhouse XT at $4.49, has french-fried onions, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, with a generous dose of A-1 sauce. It was a little too much for me, because it over-powered the beef flavor, but A-1 lovers will love this burger. At a whopping 970 calories, it's not something I can do often, but the next time I would just say "hold the A-1," and I'd be happy.

For you bacon cheeseburger lovers there's also the Smokey Cheddar Steakhouse XT, with the edition of "smokey" cheddar cheese and bacon, to the basic Steakhouse XT.

Either way you go, if you're in the mood for a quick burger, Burger King's line-up of Steakhouse XT Third-pounder burgers might be "King" of the fast-food heap.

Sure it's fast food, but it sure tastes good

Update (Dated April, 19, 2010): Like most fast food, Burger King's Steakhouse XT lost some luster on the jewel the second time I had it. I guess that's what makes fast food occupy the lowest wrung on the food chain. It's packaged product, assembly line constructed, and served by the lowest paid food servers in the business, and the bottom line, is that often, they just don't care what they're handing over the counter or out the drive-up window.

The rating for the Steakhouse XT has been changed from 3-stars to 2-stars.

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