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A value menu for lunch?
A value menu for lunch?

CHARLOTTE (NC): Around Charlotte trying to find a true "lunch value" can be a real challenge. With inflation running rampant on most food items both at the grocery store and local restaurants, we see portion size shrinking and prices sky rocketing. It's hard not to feel for local and national food suppliers whose costs to do business has skyrocketed under our current administration.

The BK Toppers menu is available from your local Burger King in three forms. Each is priced at $1.99. Your choices include a Mushroom and Swiss Burger, a Deluxe Burger, and a Western BBQ Burger.

Other than the mis-representation that there is such a thing as "western BBQ", the burger choices here are all tasty and juicy relying on the BK flame broiled system to provide that wonderful smoky flavor.

Of course we all know that Southern BBQ is the only real American BBQ and if it didn't originate in the Carolina's or Tennessee it's just a plain old imposter.

Unfortunately BK's Topper's are small and not very filling. We applaud their effort to create a "mid-value" menu, unfortunately these three burgers are smaller than the Whopper and you'll no doubt need a couple of them to fufill your working lunch needs.

Give the Burger King Topper's Menu a try if you like, they are tasty. Just be sure to order plenty and budget accordingly.

"Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what's for lunch."

- Orson Welles


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