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Burger King receipt: Profanity laced BK receipt makes this grandmother cry
A vulgar Burger King receipt left one grandma in tears, and an employee deservedly canned.

A Burger King receipt left a grandmother from Richmond, Va. in tears after an absentminded employee of the burger giant served up a tasteless whopper of a joke – printing obscenities directly onto the woman’s receipt.

According to the Huffington Post on Wednesday, the profanity-laced receipt caused grandma Lorel and her daughter-in-law quite the consternation. After the pair looked at their receipt, they saw this computer print out at the bottom: Customer Name: 'b**** a** hoes'

The meal with the side order of verbal abuse was too much for Lorel, who did not give her last name. She vowed never to return.

In an interview with CBS 6, Lorel said: “This is more than an insult. I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper, that will hurt somebody… I liked going there. But after this they won’t get my business anymore.”

Lorel said she showed the manager who “did apologize.” However, he reportedly didn’t even offer to refund the meal. “He called the young lady over and asked her, ‘did you see this?’ She just shook her head. He said it had never happened before,” Lorel said.

A Burger King representative wrote the following in an email to the Huffington Post:

"At Burger King Corp., we have great respect for all of our guests and customer service is a top priority every day at BURGER KING® restaurants. BKC has recently been made aware of a photo that shows an alleged receipt from a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant that does not comply with our customer service policy. We are working with the franchisee, who is investigating the matter, to determine the origins of this photo."

Burger King has said that they are using closed circuit video to determine who the employee was.

The Post recently updated their story with this:

Burger King told HuffPost that the Richmond, Va., franchise where the incident occurred has fired the employee responsible for the crude message.

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