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Burger King and its Proud Whopper for gay pride week

Those who think the gay pride-thing has gone overboard in recent times may choke on this. Burger King has introduced the gay pride burger. Those who are in favor of gay pride being promoted as it is will love the new promotion by the fast-food chain. Specifically, the product is called the Proud Whopper, according to a USA Today report on Tuesday. The hamburger comes wrapped in a rainbow colored wrapper with the inscription saying “We are all the same inside.”

Burger King promotional photo
Burger King Proud Burger

The special wrappers for the Whopper at Burger King are being sold through Thursday at a Burger King restaurant on San Francisco’s Market Street. The restaurant’s location is said to be in the heart of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade’s route which was held last weekend. Burger King posted a two-minute in length video about their Proud Whopper on YouTube on Wednesday at 8 a.m.

According to Fernando Machado, the senior vice president of global brand management at the company, the Proud Whopper showcases who the Burger King name is as a brand. He went on to say that it shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression. Machado says that the inspiration behind the unusual burger wrapping and the accompanying video is Burger King’s localized efforts to put into motion actions that support its recently-tweaked slogan.

As long as one can likely remember, Burger King’s slogan has been “Have It Your Way.” Now, the slogan is “Be Your Way.” The changes at Burger King are also their effort in trying to stay connected to its base which is “millennial” customers, according to the report. The firm believes that gay rights is a contemporary issue which reverberates strongly with millennials both in the United States and outside the country. Burger King also was a sponsor of the San Francisco gay pride parade. Though the firm may have sponsored gay pride events outside the United States, it is the first time it has sponsored such an even in the United States, says Machado.

As if the Proud Burger with its gay wrapping weren’t enough, some 50,000 rainbow Burger King crowns were distributed and worn by parade participants and spectators, according to Time. As for the Proud Burger, it is priced just like the Whopper, $4.29 per sandwich. The only difference, incidentally, is the wrapper. The sandwich is the same.

It has been reported that people have been folding up their wrappers and carrying them out of Burger King with them rather than throwing them away. Could be a sign that they’ll be on eBay soon for people to make a profit off of them. Online comments regarding the gay promotion have stated an array of reactions from "brilliant marketing" to "oh, puh-leeze."

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